April 7, 2016

10 Qualities of a Strategic Leader

Strategic leadership. We know what you’re thinking—if I had a dime for every time I’ve heard ‘strategic leadership’ recently—and you aren’t alone! It’s becoming a hot topic in the healthcare industry, as more and more are discussing how strategic leadership impacts the work environment, as well as the qualities a strategic leader must possess.

So, what are the qualities a strategic leader must possess?

  1. Articulate. Strategic leaders must be able to communicate with clarity. They must be able to express the organizational vision in a way that members can understand.
  2. Thinkers. Strategic leaders think before acting or speaking and should control compulsive behaviors that might distract or hurt their team.
  3. Delegators. Beyond being leaders, these individuals are delegators. They know when to delegate tasks to avoid overloading team members, as well as when to assign challenging tasks that motivate them.
  4. Motivated. It’s not all about power and money for these leaders. Strategic leaders should be genuinely invested in the success of their team and organization.
  5. Self-aware. Not only do they understand the individuals of their team and organization, strategic leaders are also incredibly self-aware, meaning that they understand how their moods and actions might affect those around them.
  6. Compassionate. Emotional intelligence is in when it comes to being an effective leader, so it’s no surprise that strategic leaders should be compassionate and empathetic to those around them.
  7. Fair. Strategic leaders are also fair leaders. This means that, rather than forcing others to agree, they use their powers judiciously and wisely.
  8. Open-minded. These leaders are far from narrow minded. They have the perspective needed to see problems from many different angles and to more effectively lead their team.
  9. Loyal. Strategic leaders are incredibly loyal—to their team, to their organization, and to the healthcare industry as a whole.
  10. Communicators. Strategic leaders ensure that team members and leaders understand what’s happening in their organization and provide all the information needed to keep everyone up-to-date.


Coors Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to identifying and developing strategic leaders from within your organization to ensure that adept employees are prepared to take on leadership roles as they become available to them. In fact, from April 20 – 22, we will be attending an ASHHRA event focused on Strategic Leadership!

To learn more about our succession planning services, as well as our services for transitioning leadership teams, contact us today.



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