September 8, 2014

10 Things From the Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference

As you know, Modern Healthcare’s Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference was held on August 14th, and Coors Healthcare Solutions was a proud sponsor of this event. For those who missed it, here are the 10 things you should know about the Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference:


  1. The Coors Healthcare Solutions team was proud to sponsor the event and provide eco-friendly water bottles to all guests.
  2. The three biggest mistakes women make in the workplace are not believing in themselves, not making their partners real partners, and spending too much time looking for their exit.
  3. The most “electrifying moment” in your life can be when you go beyond any dream you’d ever had for yourself, when you’ve reached the seemingly impossible.
  4. In order to productively blend your work and non-work lives, you must do the following: define success for yourself, manage technology, build support, travel/relocate, and collaborate with your partner.
  5. Leaders must have the ability to determine and clarify goals, while also moving their team to accomplish these goals.
  6. Time and attention are the two characteristics of any relationship, even professional relationships, and these are skills required of all leaders in healthcare.
  7. A few things that colleagues want/need are a good supervisor, opportunity to grow, to know that they are appreciated, and positive interdepartmental relationships.
  8. In order to see change, you must make change.
  9. Every organization and team needs to have an overall goal or mission to function to its fullest potential.
  10. Direction of your organization is best defined when both medicine and business are kept in mind, concrete goals are made, and consistency is seen throughout the organization.


For more about this event and future Modern Healthcare events, visit their website at And to learn more about the services provided by Coors Healthcare Solutions, visit our website, and call us today.


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