March 27, 2015

3 Challenges of Gender Discrimination

Making advancements in your professional career is inarguably a challenge for everyone, and as a woman-owned business, we have a particular understanding of one of the most common challenges facing women in today’s workplace: gender discrimination.

Three challenges of gender discrimination are as follows:

1. Finding a work-life balance.

Finding a work-life balance is a challenge for both sexes, but thanks to societal pressures, women feel a particular pressure to find this balance, which often results in unnecessary guilt. The fact is, it’s 2015, and women can be mothers, career women, and marathon runners all at the same time—they can, and they are. If you are a woman who is working toward motherhood and a career, ignore societal pressures, and find the work-life balance that is best for you, your family, and your business.

2. Bias.

Women experience the effects of gender bias from a young age, and this discrimination doesn’t stop when they reach the workforce. From missing opportunities that are given to perhaps less qualified male counterparts to the oftentimes-drastic differences in compensation, overcoming gender discrimination is one of the greatest challenges facing women in today’s workplace.

3. Stereotypes.

Rather than boring you with a list of stereotypes you’ve heard a thousand times, let’s talk instead about the challenges that misguided stereotypes present in the workplace to all individuals. When entering any environment with a preconceived notion about another individual, it could prevent you from truly knowing and understanding the values and opportunities they can bring to our organizations and to lives.

Have you faced the above challenges in your own professional experience? In what ways have you witnessed gender discrimination at work?

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