August 1, 2017

4 Challenges Facing Healthcare Executives in 2017

From emerging technology to value-based compensation to the debate surrounding health insurance, being an executive in today’s healthcare environment can be incredibly challenging, to say the least.

Here are a few of the biggest challenges executives are facing right now, as well as tips for overcoming them.

Keeping up with the latest mandates.

2017 has brought with it a slew of new governmental requirements and mandates, and executives are struggling to keep up and stay compliant. As organizations are adjusting to value-based payment, lower reimbursement rates, and fluctuating requirements, executives are struggling to keep up with an unpredictable environment.

Improving outpatient care.

For everything from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitations, more and more patients are turning to outpatient care, or ambulatory care. As inpatient rates decline, healthcare executives are faced with improving patient access to ambulatory services. For most organizations, this will require improved process, more efficient scheduling, and an environment focused on accountability.

Dealing with budget cuts.

Executives have been dealing with the challenge of cutting costs for years, and it’s always a challenge. No one wants to cut benefits to stay within a more restrictive budget, but what are healthcare executives to do? When it’s time for budget cuts, many large organizations have turned to data for the answers. By examining data and determining what’s working and what’s not, organizations are able to determine where money is being wasted to cut costs more efficiently.

Using data to control avoidable utilization.

With outcomes-based pricing, healthcare leaders are working to deliver quality service at reasonable prices. In order to deliver, healthcare executives are having to put a halt on wasteful spending, or spending that doesn’t serve to improve quality or patient experience. As we mentioned when dealing with budget cuts, these same executives are turning to data to analyze and eliminate instances where unnecessary testing, service, or poor care might be occurring.



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