January 23, 2015

5 Things Every Leader Should Do for Their Team in 2015

The New Year’s resolutions buzz is beginning to quiet down and will most likely come to an abrupt stop sometime in the middle of February. While some resolutions may fall to the wayside under the “old habits die hard” approach, as a leader, the same should never be said of the annual goals you set for your team at work.

When it comes to team building, setting annual goals is more than a one-and-done resolution because the goals you set and achieve this year will work to foster processes and benefits well into the future.

As the first month of 2015 nears its close, now is the time to ensure that your team’s annual goals are firm and that the right steps are being made to achieve them. If you’ve been struggling to identify which goals to set for your team this year, we have a few suggestions:

Improve communication.

This should be a goal for every team in every industry, everywhere. In an age where life is fast-paced and technology driven, everything is streamed through laptops and smart phones, even communication, which can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Although it might seem easier to send a quick text message or email, speaking with your team members in person is always the better solution. Additionally, it will allow you the opportunity to know and understand each individual on a more personal level.

Set definite goals.

Setting measurable goals is the best way to guarantee success, with milestone goals along the way. Ensure that the expectations set for your team members are clear.

Encourage accountability.

If you notice that your team members struggle with being on time and ready to work when they arrive, require that they come 5 minutes early. If individuals continue to struggle, approach them in a non-confrontational manner to better explain your expectations.

Set firm deadlines.

Are your teams required to complete daily or weekly tasks? Has a bigger than usual assignment come your way? Instead of setting loose deadlines, like, “I need Project X completed by next week,” set firm deadlines, like, “I need Project X completed by next Tuesday at noon.” This will minimize the risk of confusion about when a task is to be completed, while also driving each member of your team to time manage and work to his or her fullest potential.

Offer praise.

A great way to improve your team’s processes and work ethic in 2015 is to improve their morale. Just as you would acknowledge the areas in which your team members could improve (ie: Being on time and completing tasks on a deadline), you should also take the time to recognize their achievements and hard work. Make sure to plan non-work related outings to encourage team bonding, which in turn will also lead to improved teamwork.


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