June 28, 2011

Focus More on Your Strengths, and Less on Weaknesses

If we are to find the best way to shine within our potential, then we need to find our greatest strengths.

There is an organization called the “Clifton StrengthsFinder.” They have produced an assessment that was featured in the book called StengthsFinders 2.0. The test gives you a top 5 theme report, and it allow for you to take a strengths assessment, so that you can evolve professionally, and personally.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the assessment, then you can still start learning about your unique strengths and talents. Most people have heard of the word, but they aren’t clear as to what talent is. A talent is a pattern of behavior that comes naturally to you. You might notice talent when you have the opportunity to use it at work.

When you think about yourself. Are you a competitive personality, or are you a curious person? These are talent attributes. If you find that there might be task or projects professionally that you are drawn to, its because you might have talents in certain areas. If you find that you can grasp certain concepts easily, then you probably have a talent in that area. An area of talent will grasp your attention, and all other streams of focus will seem to fade away. When someone is using their talents, then work won’t feel like work.

To further learn about about your talents, why don’t you ask for the input of others? People are happy to let you know when they have noticed your best attributes. Be sure to jot down any attributes of note when you get feedback.

When you think about a project or a task that you are about to take on, think about how you can apply your talents to the task. Also, think about what you are getting paid to do now. Do you have the innate ability to get things done,or do you have to strain yourself to your limit to get things done? What come effortlessly to you? When you figure this out, then you will be a lot closer to figuring how what your talents are, and how to apply them.

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