November 13, 2014

How Successful People Overcome Toxic People

Have you ever heard a relationship, professional or not, described as toxic?

Most likely, you have.

By definition, toxic is an adjective used to describe a poisonous substance. But when an individual is described as being toxic, it implies the negative impact they have on the world around them.

Toxicity in the workplace can lead to unnecessary complications, conflict, and, of course, stress.

Just as you’ve undoubtedly witnessed toxic individuals at work, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve also seen their protagonist: the successful individuals who, against all odds, rise above the convolution and anxiety.

Here are a few things successful people do differently to overcome negativity at work:

They keep their distance.

If someone at the workplace is notorious for spending their lunch break complaining by the water cooler, you won’t find successful people joining in on the conversation. In fact, if they don’t simply walk away, you will most often find them steering the conversation to something more positive and constructive.

They choose their battles.

As you know, misery loves company. And so do negative individuals. If a toxic individual is trying to combat with a successful individual, the latter is more likely to stand tall, shoulders back, and should they reply, rest assured that their response will always be diplomatic, assured, and calm.

They know when to walk away.

Rationalizing with an irrational individual can be impossible. Successful people don’t waste their time arguing and sinking into the negativity of others. When they realize the point is moot, they simply move on with their life to focus on the things that really matter.

They don’t over-react.

Here’s the thing with toxic, confrontational individuals: they want a reaction. Successful people don’t fall prey to this game. Successful people know when others are trying to push their buttons, and they also know when to smile, nod, and walk away.

They don’t let it affect their mood.

Why does it feel like when something good happens, or even if you’re just having a good day, negative people want to find ways to bring you down? Sure, you could let this affect your mood and ruin a perfectly good day. Or you could do as successful people do and understand that you are the master of your own happiness. No one else can dictate or change how you feel, so don’t give them that power.

They focus on solutions.

Toxic people focus on the negativity and the problems, without seeing an end goal. Successful people, however, understand the problems, but instead of focusing on them, they focus on finding solutions to fix them.

They take care of themselves.

The life of a successful person doesn’t end when they leave work. Successful people go home, spend time with their family, exercise, eat healthy meals, and get a good night’s rest. They have a support system and hobbies outside of work, and most importantly, they have a life outside of work that helps them maintain a fresh and positive outlook for their career.


Have you ever worked with a toxic individual? How did you overcome their negativity?


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