December 5, 2013

How to Meet Needs, Without Cutting Them

As a leader in the hospital industry, you know how important communication is and how imperative it is to keep perspectives and processes fresh and up-to-date.  Unfortunately, though, most hospital leaders and boards don’t realize that there is a problem until it’s too late, especially when it comes to hospital debt.  And when it comes to debt, because hospitals don’t realize until it’s too late, many are forced to resort to staffing cuts.  Unfortunately, due to miscommunication and misinformation, many hospital boards have absolutely no realization of the actual state of the hospital, until they’re caught in crisis.

By cutting necessary resources, it is nearly impossible to achieve success, but this is no surprise.  In order to protect the security of your hospital and its staff, it’s important to have a solid staffing and resourcing plan.  A plan like this will help ensure that unnecessary staffing cuts don’t occur, prevent superfluous spending, and protect the job security and satisfaction of your employees.

As a leader in the healthcare industry, how can you be sure that the necessary information is being communicated at all times?

For one, you need to determine the policies, procedures, and processes best for your organization.  You also need to define your objectives, setting reasonable goals and clear employee expectations.  And lastly, it is absolutely vital that accountability is emphasized in every level of your organization.

In order to improve your organization, it is essential that the wall separating the executive board and medical staff members is removed, fully opening the doors of communication.  You will also find that amicable, inclusive meetings are key to improving communication, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and misinformation.  Also, when serious situations arise, address them appropriately; the “push things under the rug” strategy is often deceptive and always ineffective.  Problems don’t disappear simply because the other cheek has been turned!

It’s also crucial for your healthcare organization to ensure that its processes are up-to-date and operative.  One illegal move, conflict of interest, or financial confusion could be the end to your hospital, destroying its reputation in the process.

As a healthcare leaders or member of the board, it is your job to protect the hospital and its employees.  This means offering your staff direct, accessible communication at all times, abiding by “best standards” for your industry, reviewing processes regularly and updating them as needed, and evaluating teams and individuals to ensure that all are satisfied and benefiting the organization as a whole

Physicians, medical staff, and all other members of the organization, including, of course, board members, must be involved in important discussions and decisions.  Leaders and board members should be a representation of all facets of the organization, with voices coming from a variety of teams and departments.

As a leader in healthcare, your management skills are especially essential to ensure that your organization runs smoothly.  It is your job to offer guidance and support, treating all members fairly.  You must put an emphasis on accountability and efficiency, including your own, setting measurable goals for all teams.  You must also work to guarantee that all equipment, procedures, and team members meet your organization’s high standards of quality.

Sometimes, even when a problem is obvious, it can be difficult to know what the best step is or how to make a proper change.  This is where Coors Healthcare Solutions comes in.

At Coors Healthcare Solutions, we are a diverse team, dedicated to offering our clients unparalleled customer service and custom solutions to meet their own unique needs.  When it comes to physician placement, our clients’ needs are at the center of everything we do.  When interim leaders are matched to the appropriate team, stronger leaders are built, and with that, comes stronger teams and a stronger healthcare system.

Our recruitment philosophy is about building synergistic, high functioning teams. We can build you a team that will drive success for you and your organization. Our interim services can bridge any gaps your team may be experiencing to avoid dysfunction. Let us partner with you to create the ideal team.

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