November 29, 2016

Why HR Leaders Should Develop a Just Culture

We’ve discussed in the past the parameters of a just culture for patient safety, but a topic that we haven’t touched on yet is why HR leaders should develop one. You know that creating a culture of patient safety is important, and in this article, we’re going to cover why HR leaders need a just culture in today’s healthcare environment.

Here’s why HR leaders should develop a just culture within their organizations:

Improving patient safety has become imperative for HR leaders everywhere.

Patient safety is obviously a major facet of quality care, and successful healthcare organizations are constantly striving to improve it. Healthcare has grown into a transparent industry, and organizational scores are available for all to view; in many ways, this is a positive thing, as it’s motivated organizations to increase their focus on improving things like patient safety and quality care.

As technology and EHRs continue to develop, and quality measures become more accessible, patient safety will, more than ever, become a driving factor in organizational success. And who better to lead the movement to improved patient safety than HR leaders, who already understand that patient safety is a strategic imperative for their organizations.

HR leaders are competent in healthcare as a business.

HR leaders have an expansive knowledge of healthcare as a business and understand the importance of having a strategic vision for their organization. On top of that, they are innately skilled at strategic alignment and the integration of people within their organization. HR leaders also understand that, with an improved patient culture comes improved employee satisfaction and a more successful organization. All of which makes them natural leaders in just culture and the new direction of healthcare.

HR leaders already have the necessary skills to implement a just culture in their organization. 

When it comes to hiring, engaging, developing and teaching employees, no one does it better than HR leaders. By nature, HR leaders are disciplined, strategic, understanding, and know the importance of their organization’s mission, vision and values. They know how to integrate knowledge and resources, always creating a clear vision of what they hope to accomplish, which, in this case, is a culture of patient safety. All of these skills make HR leaders the ideal just culture leaders in their organization.

Just culture and patient safety are more than industry buzzwords right now. They’re necessary to creating an environment where quality patient care and engaged employees are top priorities.

At Coors Healthcare Solutions, we have the unique ability of understanding each client’s needs and cultures, allowing us to create tailored solutions that address their unique challenges in an evolving healthcare environment. To align your leadership, physicians and culture to create strategic success, contact us today!

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