February 12, 2018

HROs: Creating the Gold Standard

As the political landscape and patient expectations continue to change, committing to processes that concentrate on superior care and risk mitigation is critical. Maintaining Highly Reliable Organization (HRO) status is not only a goal for healthcare organizations, it’s required for sustaining competitiveness.

Organizations that are renowned for upholding this gold standard almost always have commonalities in how they approach their processes. Here are some traits we find in the most successful HROs:

They’re Aware of How Systems and Processes Affect the Organization

HROs know that a commitment to risk mitigation and a process optimization runs from root to tip. Members at every level of their organization are highly trained to understand how internal systems and processes work, as well as their purpose. They also rely on each feedback from each level, of these processes and systems to ensure that as the organization grows, the systems remain efficient. HROs are oftentimes very transparent, which makes it easier for them to build trust and buy-in with employees.

They Dig Deep to Find the Root Cause of the Failure

When processes fail, HROs are hardwired not to settle surface-level assumptions. By leveraging the copious amounts of data collected within their organization, HROs have well-balanced assessment models that consider both analytical and social aspects of issues. They also remain agile as they monitor any change implementation.

They Proactively Look for Ways Processes May Break Down

As organizations evolve, even the best devised processes eventually become inefficient or obsolete. HROs align their organization’s vision and growth plans with their system strategies so success is never restricted by the infrastructure. By identifying growing inefficiencies and considering projected changes in the political landscape, technology advances and culture shifts, HROs are able to quickly react to necessary process changes.

For nearly 20 years, COORS has worked with healthcare organizations to improve work flow efficiency, develop comprehensive risk management strategies, and integrate gold standard processes. With our help, leadership can remain focused on priority operating projects, while reinforcing the organization’s foundation for long-term growth. For assistance developing a gold standard culture for your organization, contact one of our development professionals.

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