September 6, 2017

Leadership: Thriving Through Transition

When it comes to the healthcare industry, one thing is certain: things will never stop changing. From the introduction of new technology to improving best practice standards, our industry is constantly evolving. It’s up to our leaders to manage these changes in the right way, and at the right pace.

Here are a few tips to help leaders navigate their teams and organizations through any transition:

Be transparent.

You might be the leader, but don’t forget about the team that supports you. Just as you can’t achieve organizational goals alone, you won’t thrive through transition without them either. Change can be confusing and stressful, but remember that you aren’t the only one feeling the confusion and stress; your team is feeling it, too. With that in mind, be transparent with the members of your team regarding impending changes; the better informed they are, the more empowered they will be to take initiative and work through the change together.

Tip: Arrange a meeting to share what you know with your team. Important information to share would include details surrounding the change, timelines, and overall goals. As new information arises, do your best to keep them in the loop.

Allow time for questions.

When change arises, it can be easy to put your plan in action immediately. But remember to take time to receive input from the key members of your team. Make sure your office is an open door and that your team members feel comfortable presenting their questions and voicing their concerns. Learning how individuals are feeling, as well as how you can help during the change, will help ensure a smoother transition.

Tip: Before the change takes place, be sure that team members are clearly informed, and give them plenty of time to approach you with any questions or concerns they might have.

Prepare for conflict.

Change can bring out the best in people, but let’s face it: the stress of change can also bring out the worst. Prepare for conflict and confusion in advance, and be sure that you’re available to help your team mitigate and resolve each conflict with a positive approach.

Tip: Make sure that you are extra accessible to your team during times of change. Your presence alone will help ensure that conflicts are resolved in a positive, constructive manner.

Remember that change takes time.

When you’ve discovered a new technology or a better way of doing things, it can be tempting to leap right in, without wasting any time. But can you imagine how chaotic that would be for your team and organization? Instead of overwhelming everyone and everything, ease into the transition as much as you can to ensure that everyone is substantially prepared.

Tip: Instead of rolling out all of the changes at once, consider a slow roll out that will gradually prepare your team for each change coming their way.

Celebrate success.

Enacting organizational change can seem like a never ending to-do list. Once you complete one task, you move on to the next. While it’s great to be so laser-focused, don’t forget to set aside time to celebrate individual and team success and to show your gratitude.

Tip: To make sure it happens, set a time and day to meet with your team members in person to thank them for their help and to show them how their work is helping make the change happen.


At Coors Healthcare Solutions, we provide a variety of tools and resources for emerging leaders. To discover how our leadership solutions can make a meaningful change in your organization, contact us today!

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