May 13, 2013

Physicians and Hospitals are Aligned: Now What?

Physician alignment is the catchword in the healthcare industry, and for years, medical practices have been working to integrate the principles of physician alignment into their hospitals. Now that hospitals and doctors are on board with physician alignment, the real work begins, leaving healthcare representatives asking, “What next?”

In order to ensure that physician alignment is successful, healthcare officials, like those at Coors Healthcare Solutions, have taken a forward-thinking approach, which means asking the right questions now to provide effective answers for the future.

The first question healthcare officials must ask themselves is, “How will physicians be involved in the governance?”

Physician involvement is a vital factor in physician alignment. Within all healthcare organizations, there are a variety of committees and boards that would greatly benefit from physician participation. Truth is, many insurance agencies would prefer to work directly with the physicians themselves. In short, when physicians are aligned and participating in hospital programs, the hospital’s overall effectiveness will be optimally influenced and improved.

The second question to ask is, “Have we devised a plan for physician pay?”

The ultimate plan would promote and support physician productivity, while also increasing the probability of earned bonuses. The ideal plan will vary from organization to organization.

The third question that healthcare officials should consider regarding the future of physician alignment is, “How will we deal with conflict?”

Let’s face it. Conflicts will happen. People disagree. The manner in which a conflict is addressed is often more critical than the conflict itself. Communication is key when it comes to conflict resolution, which is why healthcare organizations must establish meetings that are focused on addressing any issues or concerns. The sooner a conflict is addressed, the sooner it is resolved. Management should also make themselves readily available to individually assist physicians, administrators, and other team members with specific concerns.

What it all comes down to is communication. In fact, although physical alignment is the catchword in the healthcare industry, communication is a close second.

Interested in learning more about the present and future of physician alignment? The experts at Coors Healthcare Solutions are here to help.

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