November 10, 2016

Our Most Popular Posts on Healthcare from 2016

We can’t believe it’s already time to recap 2016, but what a year it has been! Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a Golden Globe, and there were record snow conditions at the start of the year. The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in the 50th Super Bowl. And, of course, most recently, the Cubs won their first World Series in over a hundred years, and the U.S. welcomed a new President.

In health news, major progress was made in DNA and fertility research, and Zika became a serious concern for individuals and healthcare workers alike, as experts are still working to find a solution.

As we prepare to wrap up 2016, let’s tie the bow by recapping a few of our most popular articles from the year:

#1 Top 5 Fastest Growing Jobs in Healthcare

Published midway through the year, in this article we shared the five fastest growing jobs in healthcare, according to experts. We also shared an interesting prediction: That, by 2024, of all new jobs in the U.S., one-third will be in the healthcare industry.

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#2 The Role of Women Leaders in Healthcare

Initially shared by our team in 2014, this article continues to garner attention. At Coors Healthcare Solutions, we don’t just believe that women make high quality leaders; we’re evidence of it!

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#3 The Lack of Women in Leadership Roles & How We Can Change That

In this popular article, we talked about the fact that, although the number of women leaders in healthcare is rising, it’s rising slowly. By recognizing and investing in the power and potential of women, the healthcare industry can work to build future leaders and to strengthen and diversify their executive teams.

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#4 10 Qualities of a Strategic Leader

Do you have what it takes to be a strategic leader within your organization? Find out!

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#5 What is a “Just Culture”?

The term just culture might not have emerged this year, but it certainly gained traction in 2016. In this article, we touch on the definition of a just culture, and soon we’ll be discussing why HR leaders should develop one for patient safety.

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#6 How to Spot a Leader

Do you stand out a leader? Can you pick one out from a crowd? It’s harder than you may think, and in this article, we give you some of our best tips for spotting the best leaders in your organization.

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#7 How Important is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence has been a hot topic for years now, as healthcare leaders continue working to improve the education and presence of emotional intelligence in their organizations.

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#8 6 Tips for Hiring the Right Candidates

Hiring is a process. In this article, we provided a few tips for making sure your organization gets the best, most experienced candidates!

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#9 5 Trends for High-Level Recruitment in 2016

We made these predictions back in March. Follow the link, and let us know if we were right or wrong!

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#10 9 Healthcare Trends for 2016

And, finally, these were the predictions that we formulated at the end of 2015. How on/off were we? Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter, where we cover our predictions for 2017!

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How did you see healthcare change or grow in 2016? Let us know in a comment on our Linked In page!

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