February 24, 2017

10 Things Exceptional Leaders Do Every Day

What do successful people eat for breakfast? What time do they wake up? What do their days look like from there?

We’re all fascinated with the daily routines of successful people, wondering if there’s anything they’re doing that we should be doing, too. When it comes to being an exceptional leader, though, it doesn’t always matter if you have a protein-packed breakfast every morning or if you start every day with an hour of yoga. Sure, these things help, but here are the real daily habits of highly exceptional leaders.

  1. Communicate their needs.

Leaders are great communicators. They have to be. They connect with their team members, communicate their goals and inspire everyone around them. It’s this communication—this direct discussion of goals and understanding of others—that makes leaders successful, day in and day out.

  1. Make difficult decisions.

A leader isn’t afraid to make a difficult decision. Accountability doesn’t scare them. No matter how tough things get, exceptional leaders will be there to support their team, make decisions and lead them on the right path.

  1. Motivate their team member individually.

Good leaders treat everyone as they’d like to be treated. But exceptional leaders know that everyone’s different; what works to motivate one member of their team won’t work for another. If you want to be a better leader, get to know the members of your team. Learn what their needs are, what stresses them out, and, most importantly, learn how they’d like to be treated.

  1. Practice self-awareness.

A great leader knows that emotional intelligence and self-awareness go hand-in-hand, addressing their strengths and weaknesses with humility and understanding. Want to be a better leader? Learn how to use both your strengths and your weakness to benefit your team.

  1. Share their passion.

Whatever you’re feeling, the team members of your team are absorbing all of it. If you’re feeling bored or disinterested or frustrated, your employees will, too. Instead, share your passion with your team members; after all, passion is contagious!

  1. Give credit where credit’s due.

Be generous with praise, and be sure to give credit whenever it’s due. An exceptional leader feels most successful when the individuals on their team succeed and will do everything they can to help them get there.

  1. Keep it real. 

Be honest, be authentic, and keep it real. Your employees should see you as a transparent leader who understands and appreciates their strengths, as well as their imperfections. Be open with your team, and they’ll do the same for you!

  1. Someone people can talk to.

Contrary to what many seem to believe, fear is not the same as respect. Your team members should feel comfortable approaching you about anything, even if it means challenging your ideas. Create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, and you’re on the right track for success.

  1. Make everyone feel included.

Everyone wants to feel like they’re working toward a greater goal, that they have purpose in their roles. Exceptional leaders give their employees a sense of purpose and make sure everyone feels included.

  1. Create and share their visions.

Great leaders are visionaries, idea painters, story-tellers. They guide and inspire employees towards a shared vision.

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