July 11, 2014

4 Emerging Positions in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is constantly developing and changing. With the new developments come new needs and emerging job titles. Here are four of the most notable ones this summer:

1. Vice President of Cost Containment: This individual oversees all operational areas. For instance: IT, claims, clinical functions, bill review, network management, and finance.

2. Vice President of Medical Management: This individual not only directs the medical management but also oversees quality improvement. The Vice President of Medical Management must also identify roles for the health plan centered on the company’s tactical plan, policies, and procedures.

3. Vice President of Clinical Transformation: This individual manages organizational improvement of activities and development, as well as the implementation of health plans. The Vice President of Clinical Transformation reports to the Chief Clinical Transformation Officer and works closely with all Vice Presidents and directors.

4. Vice President of Clinical Informatics: This individual develops strategies to successfully implement technology into the lives of physicians. They should also understand clinical operations, education, consultation, leadership, technology, performance improvement, and patient safety.

Hospitals now find frontrunners in industries such as capital/private equity, finance/accounting, technology, and marketing/sales. A well-rounded team with expertise in different areas makes the ultimately perfect team in the health care industry.

For over 15 years, Coors Healthcare Solutions has been recruiting and placing agile executives in positions similar to those listed above, as well as administrative, financial, and nurse executive leadership positions. If you’re ready to find the position that’s right for you, we invite you to take the time to visit our Job Board, or contact us for more information.

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