March 1, 2016

5 Trends for High-Level Recruitment in 2016

From March 14 – 17, Coors Healthcare Solutions will be attending ACHE’s Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago. This conference is geared toward bringing the best in professional development, networking opportunities, and the latest information to career enhancement and addressing organizational challenges in innovative ways.


Although others are suffering, when it comes to job growth, the healthcare industry seems to be booming by comparison. In fact, the healthcare industry is projected to grow at a 26.5% rate from 2012-2022, while other industries are stuck at a slower projected rate of 8.9%.

That said, most of the jobs and growth will occur outside of the hospitals, which means it’s up to organization leaders and staffing experts to find the best way to take advantage of the healthcare growth wave as it comes.

Here are a few of the staffing trends expected to occur in healthcare in 2016:

  1. Expanding HR Teams

As more jobs become available and organizations welcome new employees, human resources specialists will be needed to offer their assistance and expertise. From planning to hiring to managing new employees, proficient HR teams will be in great demand.

Buzzword: “Employee engagement” — Now more than ever, HR leaders will need to display how they keep physicians and employees engaged.

  1. New Technology

Did you know that some physicians are moving away from face-to-face care and into telehealth? Keep an eye out for an increased interest in this type of caregiving. Many laws and patients are becoming more comfortable with the idea of speaking to their physicians via their devices.

Buzzword: “Virtualist”: — A term to describe a physician who meets with patients over tablets and mobile phones.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

We know, we know. We’ve been really beating a dead horse with our blogs and posts on emotional intelligence, but it’s going to be a bigger theme than ever in years to come. Patient experience and patient satisfaction leaders are going to be crucial.

Buzzword: “Soft skills” – These skills include an employee’s ability to listen and offer patient/customer support, as well as a positive bedside manner.

  1. Population Health

Expect to see an increased interest in individuals who can analyze data, engage with patients, and maneuver with ease through the world of healthcare. Population health executives will be in high demand, as well as community health workers, behaviorists and social workers.

Buzzword: “Medical/clinical informatics” – Individuals who can gather healthcare data and determine what it means.

  1. Registered Nurses

It’s no surprise that RNs are in higher demand than ever. In fact, this might be the fastest growing sector of healthcare yet, as the need for nurses is constantly growing. It’s no surprise, really, as nurses are managing more responsibilities than ever.

Buzzword: “526, 800” – Not so much a buzzword as it is the projected number of registered nurses anticipated to be hired over the next few years.

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