January 5, 2017

5 Qualities of A Great Boss

It might take a village to carry an organization, but it only takes one weak leader to bring the entire thing crumbling down.

Think back. Regardless of where you are in your career, by now you’ve probably experienced bosses who have changed you for the better, as well as those who have, well, made life seem worse for the wear.

But today, we want to talk about those bosses that change you for the better. Maybe you have one, maybe you are one, and maybe you’re trying to learn how to be one. Great bosses are those who can see untapped potential in employees, even when they can’t see it themselves. Great bosses know that actions speak louder than words, but that both are important for inspiring trust and motivation among their employees. And most importantly, great bosses are believers. They believe in people, especially the people on their teams, and it’s this driving belief that makes them good leaders in every area of their work.

Here are 5 more qualities every great boss has:

Great bosses make work fun.

Average bosses know believe that their only job is overseeing employees, and below average bosses believe that they singlehandedly keep the organization moving. Great bosses don’t fall for either of these beliefs.

They know it’s their job to inspire their employees and to make them see that work is something they have to do, but that it can also be something they want to do. In addition to giving positive feedback of a job well done, great bosses also know how to get their employees to shine by letting them use their passions and strengths in their daily work.
Great bosses know that progress requires change. 

Average and below average bosses do the same things for years and years because, well, that’s just the way we’ve always done it. Great bosses, however, know that changing can bring with it many great opportunities for growth and improvement. They know that it’s not about keeping up but about staying ahead, and you need to change to do that.

Great bosses work with their employees, not against them. 

Average and below average bosses live in fear that their employees might one threaten their positions, so they allow them to grow…but only so much. Great bosses don’t look at the employees as threats to their position. Instead, they revel in the success of their employees and push them to grow and become better leaders. In fact, great bosses don’t view their employees as subordinates but as equals who are capable of making decisions and producing quality work without much intervention.

Great bosses treat each employee differently.

From how they teach to how they motivate, average bosses treat each member of their team exactly the same. But great bosses understand that no two members of their team are alike. What inspires one individual might annoy another, and great bosses treat each employee with the personal, individualized attention they deserve.

Great bosses value diversity. 

One of the biggest things that sets the great bosses apart from the average bosses is how much they value diversity in their team. Great bosses know that a high-functioning, successful organization is comprised of diverse people with diverse ideas and new ways of thinking, specifically ways of thinking that might not even align with their own.


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