January 5, 2017

5 Times You Need Interim Support

So you think you need interims.

Interim leadership is our bread and butter—it’s something that we know a lot about!—and our interim professionals are impact candidates, with experience in all facets of healthcare.

The truth is, not every lapse in leadership demands interim support. For instance, if the position will be easy to fill, you might not need an interim leader; if finding a permanent replacement is going to take some time, however, interims might just be the answer.

Here are 5 scenarios when employing interims is a no-brainer:


Scenario 1: When risk and cost are becoming more than your organization can bear.

Bringing an interim leader onto your team is really no different than bringing a consultant. Because their role isn’t permanent, you can balance the risk and cost while still searching for a permanent member to join your team.

Scenario 2: When you want to see how someone performs before hiring them.

Some organizations view interims as an effective way for assessing candidates before bringing them on for permanent hire. In fact, 88% of our interim candidates stay longer than two years in the organization we have placed them in, and a vast majority of these same candidates go on to be promoted within the same organization. Interims allow you to test candidates over a period of time before deciding if they are the right fit.

Scenario 3: When you need a highly experienced individual.

Interims have been in the industry for years, and with all of their experience, they can offer potential candidates the necessary mentoring to prepare them for the role.

Scenario 4: When the position can’t be filled right away. 

Not all positions are easy to fill, and most can’t be filled as quickly as we like. This is especially true if you are looking for an individual on the Director and Executive levels. Interims allow you to find the best permanent candidate for the position, without any lapse in qualified leadership.

Scenario 5: When your department just isn’t working.

Sometimes, things within your department just don’t seem to be working, and although it’s usually a reflection of poor or lacking leadership, it can be hard to define the specific areas that need improvement. Because of their experience and expertise, interims can identify the problem areas and make difficult decisions as needed.

We know that the challenges of hospitals come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer flexible, customized solutions to fit your individual budget, timing and challenges. When your organization simply cannot be disadvantaged by a gap in leadership, contact us, and count on COORS to bridge that gap.


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