August 7, 2013

A Study: Is E&M Coding Accurate?

In a recent article published by Michael Stearns, MD, CPC, a board certified neurologist, clinical informatist, and coding professional, and John M. McDaniel, MHA, President and Chief Executive Officer of Peak Performance Physicians, LLC, the two intellectuals explored the worlds of EHR and E&M Coding tools.  The article, entitled “Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Evaluation and Management (E&M) Coding Tools: Experience from Evaluations of Four (4) Leading EHR Products,” studied the accuracy and management of EHR systems for E&M coding accuracy.

After examining and evaluating E&M coding accuracy of four undisclosed EHR systems and testing algorithms, the following conclusions were drawn as to the cause of the errors occurring in E&M coding:

  • Users were not properly trained in the processes.
  • Documentation problems.
  • Unfamiliarity with coding guidelines.
  • Missing features.

For reference, an Electronic Health Record is an electronic compilation of the following information about patients and populations: test results, medical history, demographics, etc.  Ideally, it would present a patient’s entire medical history in a single location.  Evaluation and Management Coding is a process utilized by doctors for medical billing in Medicare andMedicaid reimbursement.

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