June 5, 2013

Building a Team, in Five Easy Steps

At the heart of every effective team is an effective leader, who knows that building a team means also establishing trust, increasing morale, and opening the pathways of communication. Ideally, an effective team should be able to properly function, even in the absence of their team manager. At Coors Healthcare Solutions, we understand this, which is why we work to assign each team in need with the most suitable, experienced interim manager for their needs.

The most successful team managers are those who understand the following:

Every person counts.

Regardless of job title or description, each individual team member is an invaluable entity to the whole. Successful leaders understand this and will utilize each individual’s strengths to benefit the team.


Aretha Franklin said it best. Respect, respect, respect. Team leaders who treat team members with respect are treated with respect in return.

Team building means trust building.

Trust is the foundation for every successful team. The members of the team should trust the team manager, the manager should trust the team, and the members should trust one another. With trust, regardless of stress that is inevitable in any team, the team will work together to communicate, guiding one another onward.

Meet and greet…regularly.

Whether it’s once a week or once every two weeks, it is vital that your team meets in-person to recap the current assignments, dilemmas, and upcoming projects. This is an opportune time to discuss successes and concerns and to set new milestones and goals for the future. It also further establishes the bonds of communication and trust within the team.

Don’t ignore conflict—address it!

If you haven’t already noticed, communication is essential to building an effective team. In the inevitable event that conflict arises, team managers should utilize it as an opportunity to listen, communicate, and brainstorm resolutions. Confrontations can be stressful, but with the right approach, your team will emerge stronger and better prepared for the future.

Our recruitment philosophy is about building synergistic, high functioning teams. We can build your team that will drive success for you and your organization. Our interim services can bridge any gaps your team may be experiencing to avoid dysfunction. Let us partner with you to create the ideal team.

To learn more about the Coors Healthcare Solutions philosophy on team management, or how they can help your team, be sure to visit http://www.coorshealthcaresolutions.com.

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