September 25, 2013

Challenges Facing Hospitals During Healthcare Reform And How We Can Help

If you had a penny for every time you heard the words healthcare reform, you’d have…well, you’d have too many pennies to count.  The word reform, by definition, denotes a positive change and is synonymous with improvement.  In spite of this, however, and in spite of potentially beneficial changes, healthcare reform brings with it a whole new set of challenges, especially when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees in hospitals.  These challenges are partially due to the new accountable and value-based care payment models.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), come 2014, when the bill goes into effect, there will be 10s of millions of newly insured individuals.  This influx of people will undoubtedly have an effect on the healthcare industry and will mandate an increase in healthcare personnel.  One of the challenges facing hospitals is going to be finding individuals to fill these spots, and, as it is, hiring and retaining employees can be a difficult process!

Because of healthcare reform, hospitals are reassessing their value-based care processes, and new roles, like clinical pharmacists and care coordinators, are being contemplated for patients with more intricate needs.

The need for staffing and interim management agencies, like Coors Healthcare Recruiters, is only growing, as hospitals and healthcare teams try to keep pace with changes in healthcare.

This growing need is significantly exampled in the current demand for primary care physicians.  Through the utilization of a staffing agency, hospitals will improve their efficiency by employing more physicians and care extenders.

Finally, the emphasis on leadership is greater than ever.  Each team leader must have the ability to keep the team on task, offer effective guidance, and, above all, have a positive influence on their team members.

Despite the challenges of healthcare reform, interim management agencies, like Coors Healthcare Solutions, aim to assist and improve the hospital industry by providing teams with some of the most trusted, experienced leaders in the industry.

At Coors Healthcare Solutions, we are a diverse team, dedicated to offering our clients unparalleled customer service and custom solutions to meet their own unique needs. When it comes to physician placement, our clients’ needs are at the center everything of we do. When interim leaders are matched to the appropriate team, stronger leaders are built, and with that, comes stronger teams and a stronger healthcare system.

Our recruitment philosophy is about building synergistic, high functioning teams. We can build you a team that will drive success for you and your organization. Our interim services can bridge any gaps your team may be experiencing to avoid dysfunction. Let us partner with you to create the ideal team.

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