April 28, 2015

Coors Partners with Rural Healthcare

We have exciting news!

The Coors Healthcare Solutions team has recently partnered with David Sniff, a colleague specializing in rural healthcare markets. In addition to bringing his innovation and creativity to the rural healthcare industry, we are confident that Sniff’s appreciation of leadership and strategic planning will make him the perfect match as a colleague of Coors Healthcare Solutions.

New to the world of rural healthcare, or simply wish to learn more?

Here are the 3 most important things you need to know about this sector of healthcare:

1. Although studies show that a great portion of the population lives in rural areas, the percentage of practicing physicians in these areas is dramatically lower than in other, less inhabited areas.

2. Rural areas tend to have fewer health centers in general (ie: hospitals, physicians, etc.), which stands as a stark contrast to the fact that these residents tend to be older and of worse health than in other regions.

3. A vast percentage of first responders in rural areas are volunteers, and when you also take into consideration the location and other statistics from these areas, rural areas tend to be at a disadvantage for quick and effective healthcare.


Through this partnership with Sniff and our colleagues in rural healthcare, we are able to continue our mission of connecting organizations with the right leadership opportunities and physician alignment strategies, in turn addressing specific needs and improving every sector and region of healthcare. Stay tuned for more updates on our involvement with this colleague!

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