July 20, 2015

COORS to Sponsor 23rd Annual Leadership Summit

From July 23rd to July 25th, the Coors Healthcare Solutions team will be attending and sponsoring the 23rd Annual Leadership Summit in San Francisco, California. Attracting Senior Executives, Clinical Leaders, IT Leaders, and many more, this conference features industry experts and discussions on innovational strategies and approaches for healthcare organizations.

Cheryl Coors, CEO at Coors Healthcare Solutions, answered a few questions about the upcoming Leadership Summit! Check them out, and tweet any additional questions to @COORSLeadership.


CoorsHealthcareSolutions.com (COORS.com): Is this Coors Healthcare Solutions’ first time being involved with the Annual Leadership Summit (Summit)? 

Cheryl Coors (CC): This is the first year that COORS has been involved with the Summit, and we are very proud to be able to help sponsor such a large and diverse gathering of healthcare professionals.

COORS.com: What about the Summit inspired the COORS organization to become a sponsor?

CC: In being involved with healthcare organizations, the American Hospital Association is an invaluable resource, as well as Health Forum, which includes Trustee Magazine. All of which provide tools we have used to stay current and aware of the issues facing our healthcare clients. The level of thought leadership that these two have pulled together is impressive, and COORS is dedicated to finding the best way to become more involved with these organizations and align with the experts in trends and innovations in healthcare today.

The goals of the Summit include the sharing of experiences by hospital and health system leaders to support the pursuit of cutting-edge innovation and value.

The Summit also provides educational tracks on the elements of a high-performing delivery system focused on the key ingredients for transformation, which include:

  • new approaches to advanced care coordination and integration,
  • innovations in the emerging insurance markets and progress with value-based payment methodologies,
  • strategies to leverage health information technology and data,
  • quality and population health improvement achieved through a focus on equity of care, and
  • novel approaches for engaging consumers as partners in their own care.

These ideas are so important in today’s healthcare environment, and COORS is excited to be a part of it!

COORS.com: On the event website for the Summit, it says the following:

The Summit will explore opportunities for advancing care coordination and quality and safety improvement, the emerging insurance markets, the impact of equity of care on population health management, effective leveraging of health information technology and data, and novel strategies for engaging consumers as partners.

How does this align with the mission and values of Coors Healthcare Solutions?

CC: COORS has innovative solutions from healthcare professionals who are on the ground, transforming our healthcare clients in all major roles relating to the goals of the Summit, including the following:

COORS.com: What can attendees expect to learn from Coors Healthcare Solutions at the Summit? How will your team be involved?

CC: COORS will be available to discuss our services in booth 906. We will also be attending sessions and learning about healthcare strategy right along with our clients.

COORS.com: How can Summit participants connect with and learn more about Coors Healthcare Solutions?

CC: Participants can contact us online, or by calling us directly at 1.800.507.6917. We also publish an informative monthly newsletter featuring the latest industry news and job board listings. Be sure to connect with us on Linked In, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook for more updates!



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