August 6, 2014

Coors to Sponsor Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference

COORS Healthcare Solutions is sponsoring Modern Healthcare’s Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference. This annual conference is developed for women executives and leaders in healthcare and provides the opportunity for professional and personal development. This year’s conference is being held in Nashville, TN on August 14th.

Continue reading to learn more about our participation in this conference. Enjoy!

In what ways is this conference particularly meaningful for COORS?

COORS is a 100% woman-owned healthcare-focused firm. We have been providing executive search and leadership solutions for 15 years, and over the years, we have seen a drastic change in the role of female executives in healthcare. We feel that, in our mission to positively impact the healthcare environment, it is significantly important to promote women, diverse executives, and the constant exchange of new ideas.

How did this sponsorship come to be?

In the event description, it reads as follows: “This annual conference is developed for women executives and leaders in healthcare, and it provides the opportunity for professional and personal development.”

As a firm, we are dedicated to promoting the professional development of women. To that end, we seek out opportunities to be involved with organizations that work toward this goal as well. Modern Healthcare does this in many ways and is an organization for which we have a lot of respect.

How do the goals of this conference align with the goals of COORS?

In order to deliver healthcare services effectively and efficiently, you must have leaders who can envision the future and marshal the resources to realize it. Modern Healthcare believes in extending our editorial mission to support the growing female leadership ranks within healthcare through this unique one-day conference. During the conference, our goal is to present actionable insights, to inspire, and to promote interaction among members of this important group, with individuals who hold titles such as the following: CEO, CFO, CIO, president, administrator, vice president, director, manager, and more.

Through all of our interactions, we strive to promote the idea of working together to overcome challenges. This extends to the expanding group of top women executives who offer different perspectives to the evolution of the healthcare industry. We believe all executives should cultivate team environments and show transparency of information throughout healthcare to truly work for patient care excellence.

How does COORS work to inspire and extend professional networks?

COORS is the connector for our healthcare organizations. We pride ourselves on our strong network of hospitals and healthcare systems and their executives, and we work to be a partner to these individuals in all aspects of their role. We provide our executives with an outside view, connecting them to other individuals in our network who offer guidance and support success as much as we do.

What type of individuals would be most interested in this conference, and how can they attend?

Senior level executives in healthcare would benefit the most from this conference – interested parties can still register up to the day of the event here.

***Use discount code Coors10 to receive 10$ off the ticketed price.***

What is COORS most looking forward to about this conference?

We are excited to participate with such a terrific organization and to attend an event where we can provide our unique knowledge and perspective.


We hope to see you there. Let us know on Linked In, Twitter, or Facebook if you will be attending!

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