August 30, 2011

Healthcare Executive Hiring Trends

Healthcare recruitment is progressively changing due to Industry demand. This is a dynamic industry that is changing rapidly as more and more demands are placed upon it and yet more efficiency is needed. One area that is most in need of more efficiency within the industry is healthcare management.

There are many problems with healthcare executive management. This is a shame for the greatest healthcare nation in the world; however, it’s often lost on people that the business end of things must be taken care of, even in medicine. What are some new methodologies job seekers should be aware of before they embark on their search for a healthcare executive management position?

It appears as though hospitals today are stealing talent. They are seemingly becoming more numb to whether or not this is deemed as “unethical” or not. There’s only so much talent in healthcare management, and those talented ones who aren’t being “perfectly” treated in their current position are going to get calls from the healthcare recruitment headhunters. Closely managed brands and shrewd employee referral programs are a growing part of this trend in executive healthcare recruitment.

Another strong trend we are starting to see grow in the Industry is healthcare executives need not have medical backgrounds. Therefore, you might see a variety of diverse backgrounds entering the healthcare executive realm. More doctors get appointed as healthcare executives and fail miserably at these positions. Hospitals now are developing quicker ways of spotting poor managers in these instances. If you seek a position as a healthcare executive, be ready to take over for a failing manager and be able to turn the ship around in a matter of months. This is the type of fast paced environment you should be ready for in the healthcare industry.

As a healthcare organization, you should develop a strong brand. Share positive feedback via word of mouth and social networking; be sure to mention things such how well-managed your organization is and how well you treat your employees. If you’re recruiting for healthcare executives, get together a list of your organization’s greatest strengths and share them. What are you doing right with your management and your people-relating efforts, and how do you seek to expand them and build upon this good foundation by hiring more executive talent? Let the word of your best practices and ambitions spread far and wide, on the Internet via a strong social campaign and offline as well.

While alluding to the aforementioned, try to find ways of retaining your best executives. There is a huge turnover rate in this field. It’s tremendously costly. If you can figure out how to reward executives who retain talent, you’ll save your organization large amounts of money even as you increase profits. If you do need to recruit new executive talent, pick out that talent which will, in turn, be able to help you retain your best internal talent.

Healthcare executives today shouldn’t be hold positions on the organization’s HR staff. They should not be doing the recruiting. Most executives who get transferred to this type of position are those who suffer from “burnout.” Some people feel they don’t have the proper mindset to go hiring other aggressive, take-charge executives into this trying profession. The solution is to seek quality executive healthcare recruiters who have an agency and understand the external point of view and have the savvy to pinpoint the dynamic needed within the hospitals and healthcare industry.

Remember these trends in healthcare executive hiring. They will grow stronger in the 21st century.


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