February 23, 2015

How to Integrate Doctors Into Your Organization

Trust is a key factor in any industry, including healthcare. For healthcare executives, finding ways to integrate doctors can be difficult, but the first step is always to establish trust between executives and physicians. As more physicians begin working with hospitals, healthcare executives and doctors are finding ways to collaborate and cooperate within the same organization.

If you are a healthcare executive searching for solutions to better assimilate physicians into your program, here are few tips:

Understand each other.

While healthcare executives are well-trained in the management and processes of their organization, as well as how to address the health needs of a community, physicians are often trained to focus more on the health of their individual patients. Additionally, the physician vocation is notoriously competitive, and it’s important to understand how this approach might act as a motivator.

The work-life balance is more important than ever.

Unlike in the past, physicians of today desire to keep balance in their life at work. As you welcome doctors to your organization, talk to them about the workplace ideals they value the most.

Enforce positive management skills.

As physicians work to be integrated in the healthcare industry and hospitals, it is important to create management systems and processes that successfully integrate them. Just like you, it is no surprise that physicians desire a practice with adept leaders and managers.

Be honest.

Rather than promising things you cannot deliver, be honest. If there is a question you can’t answer or a solution you can’t identify, don’t be afraid to admit it. Honesty and integrity are the stepping-stones for trust, after all.

Offer opportunities for physician leadership.

This is an area in which Coors Healthcare Solutions can help. One of the best ways to integrate physicians into your organization is to offer opportunities for leadership development.


By enhancing your own physicians as leaders, you will be able to identify emerging leaders, resulting in a competitive, flexible work environment. Additionally, at Coors Healthcare Solutions, we offer services that will allow you to create a fully integrated organization where physicians are involved in the direction of the organization’s strategic focus. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please visit our website at https://coorsleadership.com/, or connect with us on Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook.

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