July 5, 2013

I’ve Made My Online Profile, Now What?

Social media has, without a doubt, solidified itself as an essential asset for any successful business or professional team. When people begin building their online profiles, their main objective is typically to attract a specific audience of followers to their page. What they often forget is that your number of followers is just as important as the people and pages that you follow. In the healthcare industry, there are a few notable social media accounts that all physicians, nurses, and health executives should follow.

Lee Aese, Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is undoubtedly well-known for physicians and patients alike, and from the May Clinic, Lea Aese is a name to know and a face to follow. Aese is the Director of the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media. Aese utilizes best social media practices, posting regularly, relevantly, and getting the conversation started.

Wendy Sue Swanson, The Everett Clinic

Swanson is a Pediatrician at The Everett Clinic in Washington. She takes a personal approach to Social Media, as a mom, doctor, and blogger, which is why patients and physicians have both swarmed to follow her online profiles. She posts informative videos, valuable health tips, and discusses current issues facing the healthcare industry.

Kevin Pho, Nashua Medical Group

Pho is a well-known advocate for Social Media in healthcare, and he is even the founder of KevinMD.com. His site welcomes guest posts from doctors, in addition to his own posts, and covers an array of important healthcare topics.

Meredith Gould

Gould provides a Social Media outlet where healthcare and faith-based organizations can communicate. She has also provided much assistance to the Social Media programs at the Mayo Clinic.

And, of course, there’s Coors Healthcare Solutions (@CoorsHealthcareSolutions). Coors Healthcare Solutions utilizes their LinkedIn profile to share job opportunities, informative articles about physician alignment, and to discuss their interim placement services. (Go to http://www.linkedin.com/company/coors-healthcare-solutions to view their profile.)

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