June 28, 2011

Leadership is about focused effort not making Jacks of all trades

You get the best leadership results when you focus on mastery, instead of being good at some things. You are the best leader when you can get the best people for the best task, instead of trying to use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. If you try to do things any other way, then your task and projects will fail, everytime. When people can claim mastery, then they will be able to take accountability, instead of pointing fingers at others.

When your people are trained to be Jacks of all trades, then they can’t focus on what they need to be great at. The lack of focus will show in their work. The best thing for the organization, is to play up to the strengths of those in the organization. That means that the strengths of those in the organization need to be analyzed. Then, use the right people for the right task.

The best way to keep people engaged, is to use them to their best strengths and capacities. When people are utilized in the wrong way, or in the wrong task, then they will be mediocre at best. Worst case scenario, they suffer from burnout, and resentment.

The best way to leverage the talent of those in any organization, is to figure out their strengths. Figure out what they excel in, and then use them in those areas, so that they can shine and bring true value to the organization. A true leader will understand the value in this.

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