May 2, 2012

The Backbone of Healthcare

It has long been said that the backbone of the healthcare system are the nurses that staff their facilities. A nursing staff accounts for twenty-five percent of all healthcare hires, and for good reason. Nurses are expected to assist doctors with almost every aspect of patient care, ensuring that each individual receives the best possible care from start to finish. The amount of work that a single nurse is expected to handle is incredible. It is because of this, and the constant shortage of nurses, that makes having a high quality selection of well-trained nurses on site a top priority of any hospital or healthcare facility. With all this being said, the true pillar of this industry lies with a different group entirely, a group that doesn’t even work within the hospital walls.


Healthcare recruiters are key to the workforce planning and development of hospitals across the nation. They are the ones behind the scenes, handling 100% of the industry hires, making sure that hospitals are filled with top talent ensuring patients receive the best possible care. They may never draw anyone’s blood or prescribe a medication to a patient, but when all the hospitals facilities and procedures run smoothly it is due in large part to the men and women who put in long hours searching, locating, and delivering top talent to the hospitals that need them.


It is imperative to have a high quality-recruiting agency working for your hospital or organization to ensure you are always staffed with high quality personal.  A good recruiter needs to have a deep passion for what they do. An understanding that their job is more than just hiring people to do a job, they are ensuring that only the most qualified staff is brought to your hospital. Healthcare recruiters change lives, not only of those they help hire, but all the people who visit the hospital seeking treatment.


As a job seeker in the healthcare industry, the continued demand for positions and increase in competition for jobs in the healthcare and executive healthcare jobs makes it more important than ever to have professional resources available to you. Ensuring that you have the best team of recruiters on your side will help you land a spot in the industry that is the best fit for your skills and experience.


So while the medical staff, from those who keep the hospital clean all the way up to the chief of medicine, play an important role in assuring the success of a hospital, it is those in charge of putting together each intricate piece of the healthcare puzzle that are truly insuring the best possible care of the ones who really matter, the patients.


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