January 28, 2014

The Future of Primary Care

In January, Becker’s Hospital Review wrote an article entitled “Recruiting Primary Care for the Future,” which discussed “[recruiting] primary care physicians in an era that demands team-based, collaborative individuals.”

The article examines a recent American Hospital Association convention, where healthcare officials took a look at the changing functions of primary care physicians.  Just as the healthcare system is evolving, so is the role of its physicians.  Whereas skill and experience were once enough to deem a physician suitable for the job, the abilities to lead and manage relationships are becoming more and more important.

The struggle doesn’t lie exclusively in finding qualified physicians, though; due to an increasing demand, healthcare leaders are struggling to find any physicians to effectively bridge the gaps in their organizations.  This is where physician alignment becomes especially beneficial, as it ensures that physicians are being properly placed with the teams whom they can offer the greatest assistance and guidance.  With teams like Coors Healthcare Solutions, organizations can rest a little bit easier knowing that their placed physicians will have the skills, experiential and emotional, best suited for their teams.  The article goes on to discuss the essentiality of maintaining the professional vision at all times.  Each physician should align with your organization’s vision to guarantee optimal results within your organization and in the world of healthcare as a whole.

For instance, with our Physician Alignment Solutions, Coors assists in building internal programs geared toward alignment, communication, recruitment and retention for our healthcare clients. We believe in effectively creating a bridge between administration and physician leaders for strong alignment moving forward in the evolving healthcare environment. Additionally, our physician search division has successfully placed practicing physicians nationwide.  We believe that the best way to ensure a bright and prosperous present is to plan for a bright and prosperous future, and it all begins with the effective placement and alignment of physicians and leaders.

Read the full article here (http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/hospital-physician-relationships/recruiting-primary-care-for-the-future.html

) to learn more about what Becker’s Hospital Review has to say about the shifts in physician roles, recruiting with vision, assessment of leadership talent, and their views on the future of physician leadership.

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