December 30, 2013

Tips for Battling Post-Holiday Stress

The New Year is here, and although it’s full of love, laughter, and cheer, it also can be full of stress and anxiety!  In between fighting through crowds at the gym, cleaning up the last of your holiday decorations, and wondering what ever happened tothat holiday budget that once seemed so reasonable, you’re working, which can cause its own variety of stress.

Don’t know if you’re stressed? Here are some of the most common symptoms:

□   Loss of confidence

□   Irritability

□   Withdrawn

□   Loss of productivity

□   Loss of interest

□   Anxiety

□   Depression

□   Difficulty sleeping/Fatigue

□   Lack of concentration

□   Head or stomach pain

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Pair post-holiday stress with workplace stress, and you’ve got the recipe for a mental breakdown!

Workplace stress is normal at any time of year, but can be especially prevalent now.  A little bit of stress can be motivating, but too much can be unhealthy for both mind and body.   Although it may seem as if you have no control of your surroundings, there is one thing that you do have control over—you.  The way you control your perspective, attitude, actions, and stress management can make even the most taxing of days seem like a piece of cake (or slice of leftover pumpkin pie, you decide!)

Like a winter cold, attitude is contagious.  If your coworkers are stressed and negative, chances are you will be, too, and vice versa.  By embracing a more optimistic perspective, you will positively impact those around you, while also making yourself less affected by the negative attitudes and stress of others.

The first tip for managing your stress is to understand the things you can control, letting go of the things you cannot.

Although you can’t always control catching the cold going around the office, you can control how you take care of yourself.  Always do whatever you can to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

Be sure to exercise, eat a nutritious diet, get plenty of sleep, and avoid alcohol and nicotine, as these can only heighten the impact of stress.

Although you can’t control the negativity of those around you, you can let go of your own negative habits and thoughts.  Who knows? Your coworkers might just catch on.

A great way to stay positive is by prioritizing and organizing your tasks and time.  Manage your time, organize your tasks, avoid over-committing yourself (Remember: You are just ONE person!), step away from your desk throughout the day, and break big tasks into small ones.

Although you can’t control how others speak to you, you can control how you speak to others.  Learning how to communicate clearly with your coworkers is essential for keeping spirits high at any time of the year!

Converse with your coworkers, and laugh often!  A positive attitude and a smile are perhaps the easiest, most beneficial ways of managing stress.

If you are a manager, here are some tips specifically for you:

  • Communicate with a friendly but efficient tone.
  • Make sure all roles and responsibilities are clearly understood.
  • Consult with employees before making relevant decisions.
  • Don’t set unrealistic or unfair expectations, goals, or deadlines.
  • Let them know they’re appreciated by offering praise and incentives to improve.
  • Allow for social interaction and time out of the office as a team.

Don’t let stress bring you down!  Simply put on a smile, and bring your most positive attitude, and you’ll be set for a stress-free (or at least a stress-manageable) New Year!

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