October 13, 2014

Top Factors That Influence Job Decisions

As a CEO or leader within your organization, it is your responsibility and goal to find and employ the top physicians in the industry, welcoming them to your team. No matter how esteemed your organization may be, finding ways to catch the attention of top physicians can be a challenge in itself, especially during these times of drastic healthcare changes.

According to a recent Becker’s Healthcare survey, there are ten factors that have the greatest influence on your physicians’ job decisions.

Today we will discuss five of these factors:

1. Proximity to family, friends, or loved ones. (26.1%)

It’s no surprise that this one topped the list. Moving away from family and friends is never easy, and many try to remain within driving distance of the ones they love. For many physicians, especially those who would be drastically relocating, this is likely to be a potential concern and influencer in their final decision.

2. Location. (24.6%)

Location, location, location! Some people want to be in a certain part of the country or in a certain city. Some prefer the city over the suburbs, and some have kids and know that they need to be near a school. Whatever the criterion might be, location plays an important role in the job decisions of your potential candidates. If you are interviewing candidates new to the area, become better informed on local statistics and information. This way, you can answer all of their specific questions about the location with ease.

3. Compensations relative to cost of living (16.7%) & total compensation (13%).

Whether your potential candidate has a family to support or simply wants to maintain their current lifestyle, compensation undoubtedly plays a role in job decisions, especially if it means accepting a job with decreased compensation. Keep this in mind as you meet potential candidates, and be prepared to discuss compensation in detail.

4. Reputation (5.12%).

In the age of the Internet, physicians seeking jobs now have the ability to research the reputation of the hospital, practice, or program, which can have a massive effect on their final decision. Be prepared to discuss all of the positive attributes that make your organization superior. Alternatively, if there are any negative concerns that might arise, be prepared with a diplomatic response.

5. Type/Size of the community (4.7%).

We touched on this in #2, but many have a preference on the type and size of the community (urban, rural, suburban, etc.) Have some of this information readily available to share with potential physicians and know where to direct them if they want to learn more.

To read the full list of factors that influence physicians facing job decisions, you can find the original article here.

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