April 28, 2015

5 Tips for Mature Applicants

We’ve touched on gender discrimination in the workplace, but we have yet to discuss the challenges of age discrimination. At Coors Healthcare Solutions, we understand the challenges facing mature applicants, and as more and more are postponing retirement or even returning to work after retirement, we are here to help you navigate your way through the process.

Below, we’ve listed a few of the most common challenges faced by mature applicants, as well as a few tips for overcoming them:

1. Get online.

Online job boards, like the one listed on our site, have become one of the best ways to discover available job openings within organizations. It makes it easy to select and apply for positions that best meet your qualifications, while also ensuring that your contact information is readily available.

2. Be social.

You might have a personal social media account of your own, but even so, be sure to research the platforms that are most valuable to your industry and stay up to date with the latest social media trends. Not only are platforms like Linked In a great way to network with likeminded individuals, it also allows you to demonstrate that you are technologically savvy.

3. Be patient.

It might feel like you are constantly spinning the wheels and sending out applications, with little to no results or communication in return. Remember to be positive, be patient, and apply often. They call it an application process for a reason.

4. Stay positive.

In every cover letter, email, phone call, and interview, be sure to express your enthusiasm for the opportunity. Your confidence and positive energy will shine through, making you more memorable in the minds of employers.

5. Show your adaptability.

As you tell your story, be sure to always highlight times in which you were flexible and adapted to new and changing situations. Even if the role is different from past experiences, your knowledge, leadership skills, and ability to learn are sure to be remembered.


Whether you’re a mature worker navigating your way through the application process or endeavoring to become an entrepreneur, always remember to be confident and stay positive. And don’t be afraid to contact a recruiter in your industry to help you navigate your way through every step of the process.

Coors Healthcare Solutions provide a personalized, consultative approach to every aspect of the recruiting process. We evaluate candidates, and by identifying leaders, we ensure long-term success and improved efficiency.

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